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Election Results for the Board of 2022

The Sweden Alumni Network in Taiwan has concluded its 2022 board election online on Sunday, 9 January, 2022. All five candidates who registered to run for the board are all being elected.

Congratulations to the the five candidates for being elected to the Board of the Sweden Alumni Network in Taiwan!

Board Member-Elect #1 Ya-Pei Lin | Chalmers University of Technology

Board Member-Elect #2 Jimmy Kuo | Uppsala University

Board Member-Elect #3 Glenn Lio | Lund University

Board Member-Elect #4 Sherry Yihsuan Lin | Uppsala University

Board Member-Elect #5 Pin Yu Huang | Stockholm School of Economics

The specific board positions will be decided by the newly elected board members in the first board meeting.

Interested in joining the board?

Read more about how to participate in the board work here.


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