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Sweden & Taiwan

Sweden and Taiwan are...

Image by Nadine Shaabana

8,352 km

7 (-1) hours



But our history goes back to...


Coyette Book Cover 2.jpeg

When the first Swede was recorded living in Taiwan

Credits: National Palace Museum

According to the birth, baptism, and marriage registry kept by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) administration of Formosa, there were many Swedish sailors and merchants employed by the company living in Taiwan during the 17 century. The most notable was the last Governor of Dutch Formosa Frederick Coyett who governed Taiwan between 1656 and 1662. 




When Sweden appointed its first diplomatic representation in Taiwan

On 20 September 1886, Sweden opened up its first official diplomatic representation in Taiwan and appointed British merchant Francis Cass as the Vice Consul of the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway at Tamsui (now Taipei) to represent its trade interests in Formosa (now Taiwan).

Today there are...


Taiwanese students studying in Sweden (20191


Swedish students studying in Taiwan (2019) 2


Higher education collaboration agreements between Sweden and Taiwan (2020) 3


Swedish companies in Taiwan (2021) 4

769 mil

USD of Taiwanese export to Sweden (2021) 5

824 mil

USD of Swedish export to Taiwan (2021) 5


Taiwanese Citizens living in Sweden (2021) 6

Swedish Citizens living in Taiwan, excluding students (2021) 7



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