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About us

The Sweden Alumni Network in Taiwan is a Swedish Institute (SI) supported alumni association for people in Taiwan who share study or research experiences in Sweden to connect, build relationships, and stay in touch with Sweden. As a democratic and inclusive organization, the alumni network is run by alumni, for alumni. Established in 2019 in close collaboration with the Swedish Representative Office in Taiwan, the Sweden Alumni Network in Taiwan has grown to more than 300 members to date. 


The alumni network also aims to integrate the resources of its members and partners to advance the educational, scientific, and cultural exchanges between Sweden and Taiwan. The alumni network regularly organizes and participates in various professional and social events to promote the alumni community and increase Sweden’s visibility in Taiwan. The events include departure briefings, career workshops, Study in Sweden sessions, Christmas fairs, receptions, pub crawls, fika, and more.


Year of Establishment




  • To provide a forum for communication among alumni.

  • To promote the interest of alumni through events, publications, representation, and other activities.

  • To cultivate a sense of community and identity for all Sweden alumni in Taiwan.

  • To promote the visibility of Sweden as a study and research destination.

  • To help advance and strengthen the relationship between Taiwan and Sweden.

  • To contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

  • To promote Swedish culture and values and to spreading knowledge about Sweden. Such as but not limited to:​

    • Sustainability and environmental responsibility

    • Human rights and equality

    • Freedom and democracy

    • Science and innovation

    • Swedish traditions

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