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The alumni network membership is open to anyone in Taiwan who shares study, research, or work experience in Sweden, including exchange students, visiting scholars, professionals, or anyone who feels a connection to Sweden, regardless of national origin, ethnicity, age, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, physical and mental ability.

What do members get?

Network and access:

  • Network with Swedish companies and fellow alumni in Taiwan for career and business opportunities.

  • Ability to participate in professional development events, such as workshops, networking events, and company visits.

  • Access to key stakeholders in Sweden-Taiwan relations, such as legislators, diplomats, business and civic leaders.

  • Access to the Swedish alumni network globally.

Information and intelligence:

  • Receive the latest updates and events of the alumni network and the greater Swedish community in Taiwan.

  • Stay informed on current issues relating to Sweden-Taiwan relationship.

  • Access to Swedish Institute exclusive events to alumni globally, such as Sweden Talks and training courses.



  • Make meaningful connections with people who share similar experiences.

  • Ability to participate in social events, such as fikas, receptions, after-works, pub-crawls, etc.

  • Stay in touch and maintain a connection with Sweden.

Ability to influence the organization:

  • Ability to propose initiatives and motions regarding the operation of the alumni network.

  • Ability to participate in working groups and task forces for events and projects.

  • Right to vote on the board elections at the Annual General Meeting.

  • Eligibility to run for the board.

Membership is free of charge!

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By clicking submit, you are giving your consent to the alumni network to use the information you provide for communication and research purposes. We may also share our membership data with the relevant government agencies in Sweden and Taiwan upon request. We will handle your personal data adhering to the EU GDPR guidelines and the Taiwan Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law.

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