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Be a partner

There are many ways for you to collaborate with us. We are constantly looking for partnership opportunities to benefit the larger Sweden alumni community in Taiwan and promote the education and research exchange between Taiwan and Sweden. See the section below for different types of partnership opportunities. Or if you have any particular idea in mind, please also feel free to reach out to us directly.

How to work with the alumni network?

For companies:

Whether you are a communicator, business developer, or HR manager, you would be able to enhance your company’s profile through our wide network of alumni across different sectors in Taiwan by becoming a partner of the alumni network.

  • Event product placement

  • Visibility on website and publications

  • Inform alumni on events and projects

  • Host company visits and participate in career related events

  • Access to talent pool

  • Post job offers

  • Event or scholarship sponsorship

  • Enhance your Swedish connection and branding

For education institutions:

Whether you are a recruiter, international desk officer, or professor, you will be able to promote your school through our local network and connection with Sweden by becoming a partner of the alumni network whether you are looking to increase visibility or develop further international collaboration.

  • Event information distribution

  • Visibility on website and publications

  • Inform alumni on events and projects

  • Participate as a speaker in our Study in Sweden promotion events

  • Scholarship sponsorship

  • Enhance your activities and visibility in Taiwan

For other organizations:

If you are an organization looking to work with the alumni community to promote Sweden-related issues in Taiwan. Please feel free to reach out to us via email directly. We are always happy to share our resources or send out alumni speakers to share about Sweden-Taiwan related topics.

Supporting Partners


Swedish Institute


Business Sweden Taipei

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Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei

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Taipei Mission in Sweden

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Let's work together!

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